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Commemorating international private investigators day 24/7

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National and International Private Investigators Day is July 24th, commemorating the birth year of Eugene Francois Vidocq, the very first Private Investigator who founded the first known detective agency in 1833 (Le bureau des renseignments or in translation Office of Intelligence). This year’s theme was “A valuable asset to the community since 1833”. The purpose of celebrating this day is to advocate and promote the importance and significance of P.I’s and their continued contribution to society.

Detective and security agency is the first detective agency in Slovenia, who decided to join detectives in investigators around the world to celebrate this day.

Enigmarium – entrance, delicious ice coffee, Enigmarium escape room. Photo: (1) DVA (2) DVA, (3)

We combined our celebration with educational roaming around Ljubljana, where we stopped at the beautiful sights of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Photo: DVA

The late afternoon bustle on a Triple Bridge across Ljubljanica River. Ljubljana castle in the background.

Photo: (1) DVA (2)

Prešeren Statue in Ljubljana – a statue of the Slovene national poet France Prešeren (left). The statue is facing the window where his adored Julija Primic used to live and a sculpture of muse above him sitting on a rock and holding a laurel wreath in her hand.


Photo: DVA

Microclimate in the city center, behind the Franciscan church. Above right: the façade of Secessionist Ljubljana. Bottom right: A pair of lovely boots. Do you know where to find them in Ljubljana?

Photo: (1), (2), (3), (4)


Beautiful Ljubljana old town, Robba fountain, detail of the teapot over the entrance to the tea shop.

Photo: (1), (2)


Ljubljanica River embankments and boat cruising along the Ljubljanica.

In the evening we made a stop on the riverbank of Ljubljanica, where you can see wonderful evening view.

Photo: DVA

Photos of the Ljubljanica river embankment, the top of a skyscraper, an anchor in Congress Square (the monument was placed in the park in 1954 to symbolize victory over Italian expansionism and the union of the Slovenian Littoral with the rest of Slovenia – the anchor  belonged to the ship Rex). And a miniature bronze model of Ljubljana.

Photo: (1), (2) DVA

We also remembered that in 1967 a famous writer of detective novels Agatha Cristie visited Slovenia – she stopped at the Hotel Lev.

At the end of the evening a little refresment is needed…

Photo: DVA


Evening passed in a relaxed atmosphere, where, of course, as thrue detectives we were not able to avoid talking about detective work in Slovenia and abroad. We have also decided that from now on we will commemorate International private Investigators Day every year and help to promote the importance and significance of P.I’s.


Yours sincerely, DVA team from sLOVEnia


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