Detektiv Bernarda Škrabar - značka

Who are we?

We are a strongly connected team, which is primarily objectively oriented, passionate and stubborn to the extent that we solve even the most demanding cases.

You can be sure that with us your information are carefully protected, because we are security cleared by the Ministry of the Interior, in addition, we conducted an additional safety testing by the European Behavioral Studies Institute – E.B.S.I. Informations are also protected in accordance with the standards.

We are persistent, resourceful, innovative, communicative and young, yet already experienced. With unyielding discipline we push forward until we solve the case.

We are among the first signatories of the guidelines of the corporate integrity and we finished the Academy of corporate integrity. Last year our director was awarded with a recognition award Ethical leader of the year 2015. We are having lectures about detective activities and about information security all across Slovenia, also we are publishing our own professional magazine Pod lupo.